Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thankful for my blessings...

You know that song, "Count Your Blessings"? I love that one, not because it reminds me of the cheerful song we sang in church as a child, but because it really does remind me of all I am blessed with.

I have been looking for the perfect sign to post above my doorway in my family room of this saying and I haven't been able to quite yet find one. But yet I can already see it there.

I have so many wonderful things that God has given me and looking back at where I've been in my life I would have never thought I'd be so blessed as I am today.

God's greatest gifts are in His creations, the western sun in the Autumn sky as it warms my face, the cool breeze that smells of fall, the kindness of your husband when you are feeling ill, the gentle nudge from a kitty that wants your attention, the grass green and vibrant from the rain that fell the night before, the birds singing to each other in beautiful choruses, the eyes of your dog as he waits for you to call him, a loving call from your mother when you least expect it, your son dropping by to visit unannounced, your daughter's "thank you" for the meal you made.

Yes these are only a few of the many blessings that I think of every day, and blessings they are!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Have you ever gotten a word from the Lord over and over when asking Him a question that the sound of the word He spoke just resonates with you still today?

Mine was "Encourage" - I had been asking the Lord for a long time what His will is for my life and to help me to know and this was the word he gave me. The story of Barnabas in the Bible spoke to me about this new role Jesus has given to me yet I haven't done much with it since then, well, not as much as I'd like to talk about. For a while I would write letters or send cards to people at random that I knew.

For another while I purposefully went on everyone's Facebook profile and sent them a little note to wish them well for the day.

I have also sent emails or even just prayed for them.

But as of lately I haven't been doing any of these things. I find that today is a day to repent of this and work back toward that word the Lord gave me so long ago. His plans don't change, only mine do, and I pray for this word to continue to resonate through my heart for as long as it is beating.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Yielding to the Potter

Jeremiah 18:6New Living Translation (NLT)
“O Israel, can I not do to you as this potter has done to his clay? As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand."

In the Pastor's message last week called "Become Aware" he mentioned a good analogy stating, "Clay yields to the potter, it does not tell the potter how to form it." This struck me. I know that in my walk I often find times I want to take the wheel and "think" I am going the way I am supposed to, the way He wants me to but I have tricked myself into thinking that just because I go to church and believe I am going the right way, I am not allowing Him to work in me at all - not the way He wants to work in me.

Father help me to once again yield to you, help me to be moldable again. And when the time comes, just as the pot made of clay has a new form of use, help me to also be useful for your Glory. Amen.